One of my friends was looking over my entries and the links on my blog roll and she said we were all too aloof and dry. She does not see a Dionysian-Apollonian synthesis with all the wordy things we’re doing in hyperblog land, this blog included. Maybe she’s right; after all, she’s a free-spirited intelligent person. Perhaps she’s suggesting we blog-while-drunk more to exercise the spirits. (This would be fun, and potentially revealing.)

Whatever I write from the mountaintop in Hyperborea can come off too condescending or over-intellectualized, but I don’t think I should care. I said we’re all people who enjoy fleshing out ideas in writing and creative expression. The impression she had was that we’re showing off how trendily postmodern we are and expecting admiration for it. “Intellectual self-indulgence,” she said.

Maybe she’s right to some degree, but I think whatever we do now is postmodern. It’s the age we live in, the postmodern era, and the problems are not just trends. If the only way we can address them is by becoming Hyperboreans, very well, then! becoming Hyperborean is a rite of passage. There are too many misconceptions about us though, and it is for that reason Hyperborea is inhabited by the rarest people. “Perhaps not one of them is yet alive,” wrote Nietzsche.