Why is it that I can never get a conservative to call me a scruffy-haired moonbat to my face? Today I put together this video with a friend while at an anti-war demonstration yesterday which shut down a military recruiting center in Tacoma, WA. The conservatives scoured the anti-war webpages and filled them with nonsensical cheers and bravado. The local FoxNews talk radio station (KVI) urged all neo-fascists in Washington to meet in Tacoma to intimidate the moonbats. On the website AR15.com members in the Washington forum were talking about how they would bring guns to the protest for “open carry day”.

De Tocqueville wrote in Democracy in America that Americans were always more sensitive to the comments of outsiders than their fellow compatriots. As much as the KKKVI talk show hosts hate foreigners, their listeners are just enamored as when Tocqueville visited the US. At any rate, being a somewhat naive Estonian exchange student provided the opportunity to be inquisitive in a relatively unnoticeable way.

I hope you enjoyed the video.