• Spreading the word about systemic oppression and privilege: $50.

• Spreading the word about unrepentant capitalism, with a press packet: $100.

• Watching radicals take to the streets in the pouring rain to protest the fuzz: Priceless.

Tacoma News Tribune

A toady reporter shows up on a rainy weekend to the Northwest SDS Convention at UPS (University of Puget Sound). He takes out his pen and pad, and is observed walking around the campus to different workshops, writing things down as he goes along. Suddenly he is alarmed by the “eyes” he is receiving from the students. A group of us approach him, take his toady ass to the side, and explain half-smilingly that he must purchase a press packet before reporting on the Northwest SDS convention.

“One hundred dollars, please,” we say.

“Ugh, hold on,” he mumbles, “let me call my boss.” He disappears.

Almost sweating, he returns ten minutes later with no cash in hand. The reporter lets out a slow whimper. “Usually people just let us report on events for free, you know.”

“Nope,” we say unsympathetically. And then he leaves without a doughnut.

“Alas,” his boss writes in the Tacoma News Tribune a few days later. “We were unprepared for the shunning that Tacoma Students for a Democratic Society had in store for our bourgeois reporter.”


* we even put on the flier and elsewhere that all corporate media would have to buy a $100 press pass to get in. And for $20 extra you got an SDS button. It was pretty clear to me. Funny article though!