(old repost from 2005… kind of embarrassing to read again! lol, worth holding onto, though)

So, finals are over, and i finally had the time to check myspace. (it’s been, what, twelve days or something?) More importantly, I also had the time to beat Zelda Ocarina of Time. Yay for me! I saved Zelda and Hyrule! If you have not played the Zelda games, then this might not seem like an interesting feat. But for every zelda fan who still knows there’s a kid in them, it’s like there’s a secret pact between us.

I still remember when i first sat and watched my older brother, Danny, play the original Legend of Zelda for NES. It was so exciting to watch Danny forge through castles fighting demons and solving puzzles. Then when i was about eight years old my cousin and i would play “A Link to the Past.” It was probably our first RPG and we were stuck like every five minutes. We had this friend nick-named (don’t laugh) Luigi, (I said, don’t laugh) that we would look up to. He knew a whole bunch about Zelda. He seemed to know where every item was by heart, which made him seem magical because of it. He would teach us everything about Hyrule. It was weird because we never saw him again after we beat the game. He went to another school or something. But he made me appreciate the game a whole lot more.

To this day i don’t know what it was about those games. Maybe it’s because the Zelda series were all a part of my growing up. If i ever have children of my own i will show them these games, and they will probably laugh at me and tell me how old-fashioned they are. Just like how my aunt showed me all her old-fashioned toys and games and i laughed at them. But you know, those old toys and games are actually pretty cool.

P.S. Last week, Peter, JP and I were figuring out the Hyrule theme song and the Windmill theme song on JP’s keyboard, (oh, us… LoL) So i must give Konji Kondo much praise for putting together the best gamer soundtrack ever! and look for Z-Day in 2006!